Savanna Lyons — Lexington, South Carolina

There are many things to tell you (warn you) about this privileged HOMEWRECKER, Savanna Lyons, but here are just a few. She has two children, both by different fathers,  to which she is married to neither one. (one young individual she manipulated and the other a married man, she also manipulated) She married a guy after only knowing him 6 months and decided to cheat with another man on her bachelorette weekend in Georgia and a few weeks after she had been married. They were married in January, and separated in March after her Marine husband surprised her at home, (he’s stationed in California where she tried to abruptly move her and her son), only to find text messages from another man (on a phone he thought she no longer had) asking if “she had had her period yet?”, After he confronts her about multiple messages she slaps him in the face while her one year old son is in the home. When she is confronted she will go to any extent to get her point across. She has moved around from Lexington, Columbia, Edisto Beach and Gilbert in the last two years and has had multiple significant others between her time “married” to her husband. Her recent victim is a coworker that had a wife and a young daughter. Savanah knew that the man had a family but was sneaking around and staying at his home where him and his family lived in Columbia. The wife found her luggage and clothing within the house after recently being made aware of the work affair the day after Christmas. She preys on men by playing the victim in every situation she’s incurred during her lifetime. Her inability to keep a healthy relationship and her low self-esteem causes her to manipulate every situation to suit herself and herself only. She hides behind her “religious sundays” and contoured face. She even goes to the low extent where she continuously pawns her child off on other family members and friends while she sleeps around and does what she wants. She even manipulates her son into calling her “boyfriends” dada. If you are looking for a realtor, do not go to Essex homes. She will steal your house, your husband, and then leave town when she’s confronted about the next poor guy she’s manipulated into her pit of lies.


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