Sarahbeth Vosburg — Petaluma, California

Sarahbeth Vosburg knew of the engagement and the wedding was to take place in just 7 weeks. She has destroyed a life for another woman and 3 young children. She is a business woman and after the ex-groom going to her location for a horseback trail ride, she bagan to reel him in. They were just friends prior to the ride and are now together as of just 3 days ago… when he cancelled the wedding! She posted positive thoughts about how this “man has moved mountains” to be with her. No!!! He betrayed the mountains and has left a trail of destruction behind him! Do not trust this woman… she’s too nieve to realize that he will do the same to her as he has done to his family! The monetary loss is tremendous, but it will be worth whatever karma gives them in the end!


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