Sarah Williams — Walhalla, South Carolina

So me and my boyfriend have been together for 8 (9 years this April) I’m a SAHM and he works 3rd shift. We have 2 kids. I thought we were happy and in love… but boy was I wrong. Around Thanksgiving 2017 he started acting different. I get a “goodnight baby” text with a kissy face and (made a joke). I replied ” you sent me the wrong text” once because he doesn’t text me like that and doesn’t call me baby. Long story short I went to his truck one day for some goodies cause he always keeps a stash in the truck. I didn’t see any so I looked in the glove box. Come to find SARAH WILLIAMS AIR FORCE name badge and a scarf! I want so much to BURN THEM!! SARAH IF YOU SEE THIS. He’s in a relationship and has 2 kids. I know and have known for a while about you two sneaking around. Maybe you and him can grow some balls and come clean. Oh your belongings are here with me so you can come get them along with him and his shit and those ugly ass “gifts” you gave him…


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