Sarah Paulette Bradshaw — Fayetteville, Arkansas

This is Sarah Paulette Bradshaw / Sanford, she is so low, she went on to cheat on her first husband as well as second while still married, she has the nerve to call the police and then hurt herself trying to get the innocent other arrested to keep a crazy game going with several others. She lies and constantly harasses others friends and family with lies and manipulation, she has been arrested for Domestic 3rd, Assault 2nd, Endangering Minor 2nd ( Her own little Girl ) DUI Drugs and many others. She is the core of corrupt. She also hides behind fake illnesses and has been abusing opiates and pills for years! She tries to get pregnant to force the one she is with to marriage! Be very careful is you run into this monster! There is much more on the narcissist/psychopath! She is the poster child for this site!


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