Sarah Palmer — Palo Cedro, California

This is Sarah Palmer. When my husband and I met her she was separated from her husband because she was sleeping with a Dad from her daughter’’s class. That affair was not her first and I assume her husband was sick of this whore cheating on him. While they were split she continued to sleep with him even though! They ended up getting back together so she was married when this all took place. Fast forward to my husband asking her to join a football board we all servered on. Worst mistake ever. She pretended to be my friend all while increasing contact with my husband. To the point of telling people that my husband was her best friend. What’s funny about that, at the time my husband and I made fun of her because he did not share the same feeling. All of a sudden my husband flipped on me and started saying things like he was unhappy. He never ONCE said that in 14 years. Then I found 3000 text messages exchanged between Sarah and him in one month. Then I found a voice mail where she was signing him a dirty song. Then she bought him the same exact Christmas gift as I. He ended up leaving me and now they’re dating. Two days after he left me, she asked her husband for a divorce. My kids all hate her because they watched the whole thing happen. Down to my nine year old saying he will make his dad choose. They cry for their Dad because they know this women helped derail their family. At the very least, she isn’t allowed around our kids. I have no idea what my ex is thinking. She’s a cheating lying HOMEWRECKER… beware.


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