Sarah Kate Segelquist — Pea Ridge, Arkansas

Let’s all take a minute and say a prayer for this lady Sarah Kate Segelquist  needs a scarlet A on her shirt. She is real good at playing innocent but when the hubby is gone, so are all of her morals. She is really good at keeping secrets and has plenty with her husband being gone so much. How would he know what’s going on. But now the big secret will need to be revealed soon. Who is the real father of the baby. She doesn’t know if it’s her husbands or the persons she has been cheating on him with when he’s gone. The truth shall set you free!! I wonder how that’s going to work when the truth comes out if it’s not her husbands. Then everyone will see what a dirty little wh**e she really is. That’s so sad. He husband is out working to provide for wife that can’t keep her legs together. Now she will have a trophy to show for her wh**ish ways.


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