Sara Washington — Hanoverton, Ohio

Do not trust this woman Sara Washington around any man, because she has no moral judgment or conscious for doing the right thing. She only cares about herself. She’s very desperate and clingy. It all starts as an “innocent” conversation between friends then she’ll start sending sexual messages. Her response when caught is “oops that was intended for my fiancé.” Her fiancé is in the military. During the time he’s deployed she proceeds to pick up guys. She only will go after married men because of the only sex with no commitment. One night stand jobs. She has even slept with her soon to be father-in-law. She knows she wrecks marriages. She enjoys breaking up families. It doesn’t bother her one bit… she’s the center of attention and all the men want her. She works at the BMV so she gets any and all information she wants on her prospective men and she will stalk them. If you know this woman stay far away from her she gets around.


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