Sara Osborn — Los Angeles, California

I met Sara Osborn two years ago and in the beggining she acted perfectly, anybody would fall in love. Her whole game was I have a 7 year old daughter and I need help, to have her back and be with her. She said the kids father had custody, she lied I found out they had 50 /50. She started working making money but she would spent on herself. I would buy presents for her daughter. She stop visiting her little girl and it got so bad she wouldn’t call or see her for almost an entire year. She stopped working. She just liked to hang out and get crazy. Everywhere we went introduced her to my circle of friends. She would flirt to the point where she would mislead my friends. She would get their phone numbers behind my back. Would start calling them texting them. Even my roommate… I found all these sexual texts from him. She would say I’m just using them. Never send a dime for her daughter. She doesn’t care bout no one except herself and herself only. Spends half of the day putting make up different outfits. I could tell her voice would change to a point so fake that why does she do that. I had surgery and she left me in the hospital and just took off  I havent heard from her. Took my phone and the one that I got for her. I heard she was running around being a sl**, sleeping with my friends but I think now everyone that knows her know what she is about. So as soon as someone knows her she takes off to the next dude.


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