Sara Nichole Kasinger — Laporte, Indiana

Sara Nichole Kasinger. This woman is the lowest of the low she slept with my sister in laws boyfriend when they first started dating. When my now sisterin-law foumd out she talked to her. She has a big heart and tried to be there for her. However asked her to stop talking to her then fiancé she swore she would and my sister-in-law was there for her for all of her made up drama like her two made up rapes her bestfriend supposedly getting pregnant by her bf when really the friend was with the bf first so this isn’t her first rodeo. Then she messages my sister telling her sob stories to get into her life all while messaging my sister-in-laws now husband babe and inappropriate message. Then when asked to leave my sister-in-law all alone she just keep messaging asking for them to be all friends. She’s a selfish lowlife person. To sleep with my sisters husband then say on it was a year ago why can’t we all be friends… is just so messed up. She’ll act like your friend just so she can act inappropriate with your man.


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