Samantha Santoyo — North Lake, Illinois

I work at a resturant. Samantha Santoyo also works there. My husband lost his job and I got him in at the same place we worked at. She kept throwing herself at him and what guy wouldn’t want an easy lay? This girl thought she could sleep with my man, mind you she drove to my house where our kids live with us (who were home) also to sleep with him! She slept with multiple men as well at the same time! She keeps track of it in her calendar. Not only will she sleep with your man, but continue to he your friend as well. She will always have to live with the fact she wrecked a home and only spoke up to “clear her guilty concious” I hope to God karma smacks a b#%ch before I do. Ha! She thought she would step in and play mommy and live my life… poor thing she will only be a d hopper forever. FNG fun dumpster!


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