Sally Buchta Harvey — Indianapolis, Indiana

Sally Harvey will pretend to be your best friend in order to steal your husband. She was the piano lady at my church and my ex husband was the choir director. Practices continually ran late, I’d call and call and no answer. At a church picnic one time Sally asked me to pray that her boyfriend would leave his wife and marry her. She was talking about me…to me. To this day I’m so proud of myself for my response. “Sally I’ll pray for God to send you someone special, but I fear I’d b struck by lightning if I pray what u ask.” When I got into the car with my then husband I told him about the strange comment. You should have seen his face. He said “She really SAID that??” I was like ya, can u believe it? He finally revealed to me that the reason he left me for her was that she gave really good blowjobs. Where ever they are they should only stay there!!


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