Ryan Krekeler – Arizona

Ladies! BEWARE of this Heartless womanizer. I was lucky enough not to meet him in person.I’m actually writing this because he has a girlfriend from California who was with him for months only to find out he was communicating and meeting several women from eHarmony me being one of them. I spoke to this sweet girl and my heart breaks for her. He is a LIAR and a CHEATER! I can’t stress this enough.It amazes me that he had this beautiful women and was cheating on her with several women. I learned that she was pregnant with his child and lost their baby; within the same week of her being in the hospital recovering he was meeting other women and communicating with them making her believe she was the only one. If I can do anything for her it is this…..Letting ALL the ladies know that he is far from what he claims to be!!!! This is not a revenge rant it is the TRUTH and it needs to be told. Stay Away is you know what is good for you. He has no remorse in what he has done. He will continue to be this way. He is Heartless. I’m one of the lucky ones that didn’t get wrapped up in his lies. I feel terrible for his girlfriend and what he has put her through. NO woman should have to go through what this man has done!!!!


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