Rochelle Moran — Baldwin Park, California

If you knew this person Rochelle Andrea Moran or Rochelle Breceda from Irwindale/Baldwin Park/ Hacienda Heights. or Dan Gabriel Valley in general. You would proceed with extreme with extreme caution. Unfortunately, I was approached, pursued and manipulated by this person almost three years ago while we were both @ sober living. I found out from her roommates later, she was in pursuit of men and not being from the area, and didn’t know which way was up, or that her uncle Mark Breceda was the Mayor of Irwindale for that matter. In short I will tell you that I was taken for all the money I had, stripped of my Ford F-150 pick up truck. Contracted unmentionable venereal diseases, and set up by her and spent time in jail after she introduced me to Methamphetamine, got me addicted, and ultimately set up for domestic violence. Mind you, I had never been arrested in all my 45 years until I met her, and once all of my money and worldly possessions had vanished, so did she. She told so many lies to her family and me I couldn’t keep track on whom she was deceiving and for what purpose any longer. The amount of intimate sexual partners, both men and women added up dramatically as I did a little research of my own from people who had known her and even a few of her male and female sexual counterparts. I was shocked as the numbers continued to increase, and my health declined because of the morbidly disgusting diseases I had contracted from her began to set in. Rochelle Andrea Moran, or Maiden name Breceda is the most manipulative, lying, unholy, forgive my language… S**T. I wish I was never pursued by her 3 and 1/2 years ago. Just the fact that she had sought out substance and mental health help over twenty times at a near by Covina facility should have raised some red flags for me… but huge fake breasts and other fake things that I won’t mention now, were hard to resist at the time, and I gave into the flesh. On top of it, I had never set one foot in a jail cell until I met her. 45 years and after meeting her… 8 times. She accused me of domestic violence which she had been through with 3 other men/romantic interests not counting her husband, were among the few I was aware of. With her families pull in the community I could not get a fair decision from a cop after she had thrown a 2 fingered shot glass at me, and after pressing charges before going to a nearby hospital, the charges were mysteriously dropped when I returned, and guess who spent 2 different occasions totalling 40 days in L A county jail… yep… me. my life was irreperibly changed by this lying, manipulative, fake breasted, and well I would stop there because there are so many fake things to mention about her… all I’m saying is be cautiosly aware of this person. I honestly did not think true evil existed on this planet until I spent a year and a half being completely and utterly lied to, taken advantage, used and eventually left virtually broke financially and emotionally. without my beautiful Ford F 150 , and any prospects of working a decent job again, all to the gain and sociopathic dismissal of this so called human being. Rochelle Moran/Breceda…Oh, and I guess some red flags should have went up when she said this had happened on 2 different occasions before with her ex husband, and her lesbian lover.


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