Robert Rayborn — Oklahoma

Robert was caught with my domestic partner niki collins by me in 2010 in my master bathroom i kicked him out and forgave her now its nov 2018 and he gets a seasonal job where niki works guess first week they hook up again cause nikis hours go from 530 in morning to 8-9 at night which i now know she was picking him up for work with play time and taking him home with play time so now these 2 are planning how to devestae me get property and my daughter and on Nov 17 niki starts not coming home on weekends and just a few hours during following week on Nov 29 niki comes to house I’m not home and tells her son and our daughter I’m leaving I’ll be back for you in 2 WEEKS both kids say we won’t go this is wrong she looks at them says I didn’t see this coming turns and walks out door leaving son and our 13 yr old daughter crying we she left us broke and when we needed account number she text daughter says I put 10 on electric to keep dogs warm but what about daughter Robert and her now have a po and she’s probably mad she didn’t get to see daughter Christmas but who files a p.o. Christmas and wants to see daughter


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