Robbie Denson — Lafayette, Tennessee

My husband tells me he has been having an affair with an older woman. Her name is Robbie Denson, from Lafayette, Tennessee AND she is 73 years old! That’s old enough to be my mother. She works at a garment manufacturing company in Red Boiling Springs, TN. The phone records show near daily phone calls and sometimes as much as five times per day for TWO YEARS (that’s as far back as I requested records). Maybe it’s been going on since the beginning of our marriage? If you check her address on Google Earth, you will see my husband’s white Dodge truck and trailer in her driveway. She knows he is married. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t mind wrecking a home, a marriage. A person close to the source said she has a history of sleeping with younger married men. Seems lie old HOMEWRECKERS never change.


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