Richard Bradshaw, Fresno – California

RICHARD BRADSHAW IS A CHEATER, WOMAN BEATER AND THIEF! Richard bradshaw lives in Fresno CA his birthday is December 7, 1972. He is a master munipulator and liar and wl beat you like your a man.. he stole my truck and pink slip in the middle of the night and him and his evil ex wife forced documents transfer the title. I forgave him cuz he blamed it all in her and took him back. This time I had to endure getting beaten badly almost daily. He is on meth and watches porn and Jack’s off of hours and then will accuse u of being in the points he watches. In the end that’s what he will say when he dumps u and he will blast ur name all over the internet and make fake profile s on your name and even positn porn pics he thinks are u cuz he stays up for days and tips out but befors he leaves he will destroy your home and cut all the cords off of every, break the ice machine, DVD, TV u babe it he breaks if. I sat were with nothing for 3weeks. He even cut the cord offe vaccum cleaner and loosens the shower head. Because in his sick twists meth head he is getting revenge on u before he lraves BUT HE IS THE ONE DOING EVERYTHING. HE IS AN INTDRNET W**** AND AN ATTEBTKON W****. I FELT SORRY FOR HIM ON JAIL and refused to stratifiy so he was let go only to hook up with sum fat sloppy Kentucky fried chicken eating porn hook up w**** and sneak all the new stuff I bought out while I was at work. He is now posting pics of them kissing. He left me here with no car no money and no diabetes meds and I almost died. I begged him to take me to the hospital yet be refues to give me a ride on my own truck that he stole so I had to take the ambulance


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