Reyna Aguirre Romero — Sacramento, California

This so called saved Christian woman Reyna Aguirre Romero is a wolf in the church… and her prey is our men! She is a high school ex of my husband who reconnected with him via social media. My husband and I were having problems and she of course was there for him. They met up and she spent the night while he was in town. I know all of this because after counseling he admitted everything on his own. He told me that she was begging him to leave me and trying to break up our family. She is on state benefits, lives off men and has too many kids that she doesn’t take care of. I’m sure she was looking for a sugar daddy in my husband. Oh get this, she’s was married at that time but “having problems” with her husband also. Keep her far away from your man! She is a snakey home wrecker at it’s finest!


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