Rebecca Martin — Elba, Alabama

So this piece of garbage worked at inland in Enterprise where she met my husband, she gave him her phone number even after he pointed out he was married, which she just shrugged off, soon after they were texting and calling each other all night. Meanwhile I was at home taking care of our 3 toddler daughters and recovering from surgery. I caught her texting him and called and confronted her, she’s so dumb she said she’s just a kid and she’s only 23, which is old enough to know better. She may have daddy issues. I found her on Facebook and her boyfriend, I messaged him and told him what happened, he told me that I’m not the only woman who has come contacted him about her trying to get at their husband. My husband regrets what he did even saying how fugly she was, we’re working on the marriage. Be warned this nasty pos likes married men so ladies beware!


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