Rayvontae douglas – Texas

March 25, 2019

Rayvontae ernest douglas aka twin one is one of the biggest ungrateful backstabbing conniving dirty literally dirtiest liars you can ever come across. His family fake sisters brothers are apart of the whole love affair scandal. He has 4 kids he only takes care of one. If you’re a sweet girl that puts all in for her man he will use abuse and neglect you for hoes in the street. He has felonies no real job sells dope ALL DAY takes money from you giving you a sobbing story. You will think your his only one and there’s more. I snuck one day behind his buick and it was a short chocolate girl driving it. She stopped at a atm and put a lot of money in I should’ve robbed her but he gives all his girls guns. When she stopped by a church and apartments I confronted her and asked her who she was she said his woman china and who was I. I told her she said she already knew about everyone as long as he keeps putting money in her pockets paying the bills and doing what she asked she doesn’t give af and walked off. Went by a Friends house weeks later to only see him riding with a stripper girl and her two boys the biggest HOE in alief drop out no degree cocaine weed bar head b**** simbuh theresa santos still f****** my brother while he still dealt with me and the other girl he lives with and more. Him and his twin are wreckless they tag team and lie for each other me and my homegirl are pregnant from the twins now watch because china and hoe hoe pregnant too and they are beefing for no reason because rayvontae lied to both and I am too but I’m silent until my child gets here to break all there hearts. Especially hoe hoe Rayvontae douglas

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