Ramos Hernandez — Camarillo, California

This husband chaser Ramos Hernandez sleeps around in her hometown of Buellton, to LA, to Camarillo and had a full on affair with a married man. She knew he was married when she started an affair of sneaking around and being 2nd pick. Being a embarrassment… this man was so embarrassed of this rounchy dog he only met up with her in a roach infested storage. He desperately tried to get rid of this trash and that’s when she started threatening him!! In desperate attempts to try to keep someone that was obviously finished using her. She was used like trash ready to get tossed out. Buuut… she didn’t get the point. Until it was exposed. She could no longer dangle that over the married mans head. She then told the wife part truths… I mean you were women enough to bang someone’s husband, the least you can do is women up and be honest, but no no she gave a weak a$$ sob story of why she went after a married man. Not even a good excuse either. Not that there’s ANY excuse for that! By the way She isn’t even worthy of the title “woman”…  She’s SCUM! A Total mental case! This scum bag was only used for ONE thing… when all was exposed who he really wanted, his wife and children. In which he went to every measure to prove… this tramp tried to throw out that fake pregnancy BS too, and denied any proof of that. How desperate and dumb can you make yourself look??? She’s a compulsive liar. She has such low self esteem that she can’t find a man of her own. She threatens married men to keep talking to her. That’s just a little piece of Carla’s disgusting, sloppy, leftovers life. When Karma comes for Carla I hope she thinks of all the innocent people & families she hurt. Their wounds heal but her scumbag ways will remain the same. She had zero remorse for the pain she caused. She actually laughed at it. If that’s not a sick b#tch I don’t know what is! Who raised such degrading trash? Please parents teach your daughters to cherish themselves and have some self worth. To not let a man use them like a piece of meat and toss them to the curb. She’s a pitiful case of someone that has no self worth or self respect and I pity a fool.


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