Ramon Jaime – California

March 28, 2019

Ramon has been married for 20 years to Anna and they have a daughter in college. He was caught cheating years ago and Anna and him went to therapy and he swore he would never cheat again. Now this man has been seeing another woman for almost 2 years. He told her he was divorced in the beginning but eventually she found out he was still married and not just living with a roommate as he refers to his wife. She stopped seeing him but believed his lies of what a mean wife he had, claimed she was cruel to his daughter and he had to stay to protect her. Claimed his wife and him barely speak, he sleeps on the couch, never have sex, yet he felt he couldn’t leave her as she could never make it without him. The other woman finally has cut this man off and now finally sees he is just a lying d*** and used her and didn’t really mean it when he said he loved her. Stay away from this a**!!! He is in Elk Grove, CA. Ramon Jaime

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