Rachel Patrick – Arizona

My husband cheated, got caught, then the woman came to my house the day it all went down, handed me a ‘bible for marriages’ and told me she would walk away from my husband and I needed to fix my marriage. At that point I felt bad for her because my husband did lie to her but when she went and picked him up off the streets and then moved him in with her for 9 days and started to threaten me, I lost all respect for her. That home wrecking W**** walked in to my house preaching Godly stuff and then turned around and tried to say God wouldn’t want us to stay in an unhealthy marriage. Our marriage only became sick and unhealthy once my husband started cheating. This woman is sick and twisted. She deserves to be called out. You don’t walk into a woman’s house and claim you didn’t know you were dating a married man and then leave my house and go pick up my husband and then try to claim him and yours. My husband didn’t get off easy either! He backstabbed me too. When I saw signs and questioned him, he lied! When I caught his manscaping, he claimed he had a doctor appointment. While he was playing double life, I had gone through 3 surgeries and was stuck at home crying and begging him to come home at night when he ‘had to work 12 hour shifts because a dude quit’. He left me and the kids at home while he was off living a double life. He even purposed. He was gone for 9 days, came home and told me everything was over, then I got an email from the W**** stating I was being stupid and then she sent me dozens and dozen of emails between them. The affair didn’t stop! He was home for 2 weeks and still cheating. The worse part of it all, he was back home and then our anniversary came around, he was hiding the cheating at this point and I had to read emails on our anniversary of him telling her he didn’t want to be home with me. So now I have to relive our anniversary with all the emails I had to read stuck in my head.


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