Racheal Huber — Montgomery, Minnesota

10+ years of being on love with my man. Finally I got him! God father to my niece, best man at my brothers wedding, 3 kids later. This tramp Racheal Huber swoops in, oh yeah she was dating my cousin for years… well now she’s sleeping with my man. At her house tho… since she’s on house arrest. Wonderful lady here everyone 

 tried to confront her and she responded with “keep your eyes on your own bobber” beware of this one everyone. My uncle let her live at his home and her always drunken a** got in his face and was telling him to punch her. She’s scum. She’s abusive. She’s an alcoholic. She drinks and drives with her 12 year old daughter in the car. Poor kid… the old man that she’s mooching off of and living with has also had the pleasure of being inside of this trash. This women has slept in my house, played with my kids, I’ve cooked meals for her family. Boy did she swoop in at the first sign of any trouble to be a caring friend to my fiance.


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