Phelicia Whisonant — Winston Salem, North Carolina

This dirty little Hoodrat, Phelicia Whisonant who pretends to be a “Good Christian” likes to sleep with other ppls husbands. Bad thing is, she knew he had children and a wife who was 7 months pregnant but she didn’t care. Not only is she a Home Wrecker but she’s a liar as well and CANNOT be trusted. All the ladies out there who know her, please watch out for your husband’s and boyfriends bc this [email protected]!%$ is ruthless and will smile in your face while doing her dirt. I hope she knows that God does not dwell in Unholy places and Karma will find it’s way back to her eventually. It’s funny bc my soon to be ex husband has been begging me to come back home for months now. Saying how much he loves me and how much he misses his family. See this is what he does, he finds some easy h* who’s gonna lay down and spread her legs then he thinks he can come back home like nothing ever happened. Well, he’s your Problem now. Bye Phelicia. Lol.


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