Patrick Weissinger — Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Patrick Weissinger cheated on his ( First ) Wife, Denise Naphys now married Denise Naphys Kalogiros. She caught him cheating in a bar and beat him so bad he puked. Then divorced him after she found out about his last affair which he ended up marrying. They had a son Shane Weissinger, who he denies and ignores. Shane is older than his current conquest Mackenzie LynnFite . He started cheating on his second Wife Bethany not long after she got pregnant with there first child. Using Hockey to meet new girls. His cheating never ended, among the many affairs were (Only a few) Mandy (Amanda) Davenport, Jenn Forsythe, Shannon Bourque, Kris Bower Godshall and his current conquest MacKenzie Lynn Fite. Many were flings he found from hockey while others were obtained from his work place. Fired from his last three jobs due to dishonesty and inappropriate work place behavior and relationships. One of the best lairs and most convincing lairs that you will ever come across in your lifetime. He manipulates you into thinking that you are crazy or have no reason to question or doubt anything that he does. Always claiming to be the victim of any and all circumstances while never admitting he was wrong, apologizing or accepting any wrong doing on his part. You can catch him in a lie or in an act and he will somehow turn it around and make it your fault. His manipulation does not stop at relationships. It travels through every part of his life style. Currently living off his girlfriend which is half his age. He makes no effort at solid or long term commitments. Using his children that he deserted to make himself look good in his personal and business life. He walked out on his family just after his youngest daughter turned one. While still continuing to deny any wrong doing or that he has any relationship with MacKenzie at all, flat out denying it and her. Ultimately leading his wife on and still playing his games. Among all of his affairs and cheating were two long term affairs the first with Kris Godshall that he worked with… She knew he was married but he claimed to be the victim in every way. She even lent him thousands of dollars that he never re-paid. Kris was still married at the time. That affair lasted three years until she was replaced with his current girlfriend. Kris was very offended, hurt and thrown back to see it happen to her , not thinking anything of it when she had done it. Patrick will lie, manipulate and use anyone that he can to get what he wants, always turning anything around so that he looks like the hero or the victim. He is an evil heartless user. Do not trust him, he doesn’t know how to tell the truth about anything. Patrick has cheated in every relationship that he has ever had including his current one. He is a very smooth talker, using his Psychology degree to help in his manipulations. There is so much more hidden about him…


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