Paris Rex — San Antonio, Texas

This w**** has been fucking my husband for a year. Knowing full and well he will not leave his 5 kids and grandbaby for het. She continues to stick around and hope for the best. And she knows her situation. We have been together for 17 years and she continues to let my husband in knowing full and well he has a family at home and has sex with me whenever I want. Did i mention she’s 23 years old and he’s almost 35. But she’s so in love and so is he. So I finally decided to tell him it’s over. Now she’s claiming he’s going to marry her and have kids with her. He’s already married you dumb idiot and has 5 kids and a grandbaby. Please go grab someone who is single and move the fuck on. Nasty whore. They work together everyday and claim everyone at work knows there in love but from.what I hear no-one likes her homewrecking ways and can’t believe shed break up marriage. Even tho she says she doesn’t. Good luck getting him to be faithful to you honey.


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