Pamela Stroomer — Milford, Connecticut

Pamela Stroomer has been part of our extended family and pretended to be friends with my husband and I for the past several years. She is engaged to be married next week to a man she’s been dating the entire time we have known her. On July 4th if this year, while I was working, she and my husband attended a family party together, where they both threw all loyalty and respect to the side and slipped into an empty bedroom and had sex on the host’s bed. Afterward, neither of them had the courage or decency to tell their respective partners about their indiscretion, keeping their rendezvous a secret for 3 months. A week before her own wedding, she began pursuing my husband on social media, messaging him several times to ask about the state of their relationship. She is the worst kind of trash; the girl that smiles in your face and sleeps with your man behind your back. They are made for one another.


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