Orafaye White — St. Augustine, Florida

This nasty bitch is my neighbor and a coworker that pretended for a year to be my friend and while the whole time was texting my husband of 12 years behind my back and when I say texting I mean 3000 msgs a month. Every minute of everyday up until 3 in the morning right before I would get up at 330 for work. When I found out I was crushed and flipped out one my husband. Even though there was no physical contact just texting it still crushed and I gave her the run down telling her that I was going to make everyday of the rest of her life living hell and make her regret that day she decided she was going start messing with a married man and told her that she was a Homewrecker wrecker and she actually said “how can I be a Homewrecker if I wasn’t even in a relationship myself?” and laughed….. I was totally blown away but the stupidity. She is so pathetic that she started altering her appearance to look like me, hair color, tried to do her makeup like me, which was a joke, pierced her nose, even started drinking coffee and listening to the same kind of music as I do. I just recently found out that even though her husband has moved back in trying to work things out that he gave up because she was obsessed with my husband and that she has been calling my husband at work on his work phone thinking I wouldn’t find out but I did and he no longer answers the phone even though when she would call he would make fun of her. But she felt comfortable enough to tell one of my neighbors that she was in love with my husband and His kids…. I have witnessed her having literally imaginary relationships with men that we work with so I don’t know what to do. She is constantly posting shit on facebook for my husband hoping that he will see it but she don’t know she is blocked.


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