Olyvia Rose Fenton — Greer, South Carolina

She recently consulted and advised a person dealing with depression to suicide. She also cheated on a guy named Justin L. With my best friend. She led him on countless times only to blame her last relationship with Justin as toxic. She now left my best friend for a guy named Dillon Capps, claiming she didn’t want a RELATIONSHIP with anyone. Made false promises,and then jumped into a relationship a week and a half into her breakup. Making it obvious that she cheated on my best friend. She’s a pathetic excuse of a person who defends her own toxic behaviour through her delusional mindset. She’s an alcoholic like her mother. Here’s the big catch, she’s only 21 and she’s already this toxic. Stay away from this girl,I repeat stay away! Do not hire or employ her by any means. She’s mentally unstable as she’s told people who survived suicides to “–get it right this time around”. She’s a phsycopath


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