Nick Goodwin — Helen, Georgia

I’m writing this post because I think this idiot needs to be exposed for the manipulator and user he really is. Nick Goodwin took my best friend out and she thought the world of him, told her he saw a future with her long story short this idiot wound up being a total pervert, he brought some inappropriate things to her house and when he was done sleeping with her he left her, it crushed my best friend shortly after she found out he has some girlfriend he was seeing the both of them. He cancelled caras flowers on Valentine’s Day and sent them to his girlfriend what a snake!!! This idiot said all kinds of things to get what he wanted. He’s blocked my friend on EVERYTHING so I thought it was only fair that the whole world should know what a jerk he really is. I sure wouldn’t want someone like this doing work for me, you can’t trust him as far as you can throw him. He hurt my best friend and now the whole world is going to know what kind of person he truly is. Since the truth has came out Cara has since heard he’s done this to multiple women and that he’s a total nut job. Stay away from this freaking idiot!


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