Neil Cook Cheater – Texas

Ladies BEWARE! This guy is the worst man you can ever hook up with. He’s extremely manipulative, he’ll tell you what you want to hear and once you’re hooked he’ll move on for the kill. Should you go to the doctor (to him that’s cheating) he will pay you back by cheating on you, he may just hit you for daring taking care of your health. He will make sure you have no friends or family, that way he can control you and you have nobody to turn to. He’s signed up to several very nasty cheating sites, he sends and receives all kinds of nude pics and videos, he’ll even use your picture with him to sign up. His phone number is 713-885-1484, this guy is a monster, it took me years to realize how horrible he really is. He will not take responsibility for anything, he’ll blame everything on you, he’s a drunk and an alcoholic and will blame that on you too. Don’t you dare go out of town to visit a friend or for work, he will make sure you get fired, he will make up a bunch of lies about you and your boss to end your career. He will throw up on your bed and walls and floors and will not clean up, he’s so ghetto you will regret taking him out in public. He cares about nobody, he’s very selfish and if you ever make him mad, he will humiliate you in Facebook. You’ve been warned, stay far away from this poor excuse of a man.


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