Monique Colón Ortiz — Antioch, California

Let me tell you about Monique Ortiz Colón. I cought her & my husband exchanging text messages & phone calls. She works with him & never did I think my lowlife husband would down grade to this ugly POS person. I found out she was sending him dirty pictures. Not only did she know he was married & I was four months pregnant but she is also married. From what I hear she talks to alot of other men at work. I call her the praxair work wh*re. You gotta be a real scumbag to be that type of wh*re. I confronted her & she was so much of a pu$$y a$$ b*tch she wouldn’t respond to any of my texts or phone calls. The pictures she was sending my husband she looked like a cheap wh*re, lingerie looking like she bought it at the $1 store. She was taking pictures of her ass which I dont even know why or why it would turn anyone on, it was as flat as a pancake LMAO for real tho not even over exaggerating. I messaged her wife & let her know. You gotta be one pathetic piece of sh*t to sleep with a married man. No self respect. If i wasn’t pregnant I would be knocking at her front door so I’ll just expose her for now. Beware of this dirty scumbag.


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