Mohammed Amiruddeen – Sri lanka

This person had been cheating with other women while dating me for one year. Everything he told about himself were lies, including where he lives.Then he asked me to date secretly if I like even after his marriage.He said “I can lie very well, if you want let’s continue” When I said I want to be just friends then, he asked “what benefit I have there? You can erase my phone number and walk away”. Even without ending our relationship he started dating another. Then came with a lawyer to suggest me to come to a dating contract for one and half years time and leave without revealing him to anyone. He treated me like I was an object and kept playing mind games. Very manipulative. May be a psychopath too, gave me blue swollen lips the first time he kissed me. He has ability to show yourself as a s*** who date him for money. Ladies don’t fall for his polite ways when you first see him.He is a businessman and travels a lot.


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