Mitchell Valenti – Arizona

Watch out for this loser! Mitchell Valenti in Glendale, AZ he never mentioned he was bisexual in the beginning of us seeing each other so I could take an educated decision weather I was okay with that it wasn’t til after a few weeks he confessed once I found a dildo of his in his closet while using his restroom I make it clear if we were having sex it were to be strictly exclusive or it would end he said he was cool with that but behind my back continued to have random men he met off the internet for NSA sex without condoms!!! He cheated on me varies times and I made him get tested cause I was stupid enough to still want to make it work with him caused I actually had fallen for him even tho he had a lousy bad paying job, no car and lived in a crappy apartment. I should have stayed away well finally he came back and tested positive for HIV but I hopefully continue to test negative. I have had a tough time letting go more because he promises he has changed and loved me but I know for a fact he continues to seek NSA sex from men online since I ended with him again recently. He says he only has sex with men but wants a relationship with a woman. He is completely f***** up in the head.


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