Misty Lehman – Texas

March 27, 2019

Oh I left out the part about her that really got me . I repoed the truck I gave her to drive and while I was cleaning it out so I didn’t get pulled over with anything just laying around . I found a list of phone numbers and names . I heard them before but she convinced me that they were friends from way back . One cat I talked to he said he knew nothing about me she said she was single and went home with him . That morn I followed the gps to where the truck was sitting and knocked on the door . I heard someone coming to answer it then they took off . I knocked again and after about five or so mins she came to door . First thing outta her mouth was she was house sitting . I asked her wtf did I do for u not to come home anymore . Then the ol I need a break crap started we talked for a min and I went on to work . A few days later I swung by there and knocked on the door and the ol boy came out and I told him I wanted to talk about misty alittle .i told him how long we’ve been together and all the sudden she’s going AWOL on me. He said that there talked before but that night she was determined to go home with him that’s when he said he knew nothing about me or she wouldn’t have been there . Come to find out when she was going to answer the door and saw me she took off to the bed room and called him and that’s when he found out about me .he said he told her to get her crap and get out he didn’t need that around him or his house.now then other couple ol boys I m not 100 percent on but I’m pretty damn sure after all the people start talking when they know ur broke up instead while it’s going on .ill never get that .ones name was Calvin toucheck from la and Troy woods also from la .i seen a Paul and a joe bob ,a Bryan ,and a couple of more . Yeah that’s what I thought . I have no idea who this woman is . She’s not the same one I feel in love with .it could be the drugs it could be a damn good con but either way I’m not the right one to do it to . This is for the others and her . Me i normally wouldn’t do this but this woman deserves every bit of embarrassment she gets from it .odessa tx and prolly a area as far as she can drive in a day. Misty lehman

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