Michelle Caughey — Jacksonville, Florida

Made the mistake of meeting Michelle Caughey and we both cheated on our spouses. Got together around 5 times and I tried calling it off. 10 months later after she told me she was pregnant, hustling calls to my office, and other stories and lies. Michelle casually called my house at 9:15 p.m on Thursday night and casually told my wife she and I were having an affair and she was pregnant. Even after my wife kicked me out and filed for divorce Michelle would call my office when babysitting her friends new born and talk to my VM and tell me to say hello to my infant son. Michelle was never pregnant. I got some revenge when she filed for divorce from her husband. He had learned of Michelle’s cheating and called me and asked me to testify on his behalf. I was happy to do so. Michelle dropped her alimony claim and got nothing.


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