Michaela Jones — Bloomington, Indiana

Michaela Jones messed around with a married man for months. Not only was she warned by the wife numerous times, but family members warned her as well. This went on for about a month. Two months later she is pregnant by the man. She didn’t even woman up and tell the wife (not like he did either). To this day she can’t be honest. She knew the mans wife didn’t want her around. They made plans while the wife was asleep and or at work. At their job at Stonecroft they would sneak into a shed and smoke marijuana and have sex (confirmed and told by co-workers). She even had the nerve to have a conversation with the wife before her pregnancy was found out, and said that she had no intentions of sleeping with her husband and blah blah… THEY HAD ALREADY BEEN HAVING SEX. EVEN SICKER SHE USED NO PROTECTION AND SLEPT WITH A MARRIED MAN THAT GOES HOME TO A WIFE AND KIDS!!!! Better yet she even had a fiancé at the time.


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