Michael A Romero – Arizona

Beware! A narcissistic personality. Creates a false image on Facebook and lures women in. Scams money and favors out of them. Tries to destroy your other relationships. This guy is scary and threatening when you get face to face. He is a Phoenix cop and on the honor guard but don’t be fooled. He has scammed money from at least a half dozen people that I know of. Keeps saying he will pay them back from the fake travel agent who still has the thousands from that trip you paid for but got cancelled at the last minute. Cheats on his night classes by having myself and others doing the writing and homework assignments. Begs money to have his motorcycles fixed because he has to ride them unsafe if you don’t. Plays on your kindness and concern. Has unprotected sex with numerous women. Juggling all of them so they don’t know about each other. Texts numerous times a day trying to get money, time and narcissistic supply from you. He is 53 and lives with his mother. Owes the IRS a bundle. Got fired from his mounted unit post at the PD and placed in auto impound where he is relatively removed from the public. A good thing if you check into the instability that caused his dismissal. Steer clear… This is the most charming expensive nightmare you will ever run across


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