Mery Germroth Berrigan — Goose Creek, South Carolina

We call this ho the Mery Go Round. She has slept with every single male and half of the females in the Charleston and Goise Creek areas of South Carolina. During the birth of a grandchild? She discovered my husband was doing well with his new business. Her gold digging ass slept with him in the parking garage of the hospital and then thought she would invite him back for an intimate Christmas. I confronted her, and she wouldn’t even talk to me. All I asked her was to sit down at a restaurant, in public, and talk. Her conniving trashy ass wouldn’t even do that. That’s what kind of skank home wrecker she is. Granted my husband WAS her first husband. After she slept with all of his friends, she married his best friend. Then she did the same thing to her second husband. This girl knows more about gangs than a group of thugs. After asking nicely to talk, she told me to stay away from her family, which includes my step child. That I have since learned that she and her buddy Connie had been trying to turn the kids against me for some time. She had Connie text and threaten me. Then Mery calls my husband to complain that I wanted to talk to her! Like I GAF! What the hell was he gonna do? He’s done ran up in that busted out c*nt more times than a street walkers seen a $5 bill. For years I did everything I could to help this trash. Offered her a washer and dryer when she couldn’t afford one. Have her professional advice when she bought her house. Some women need to raise the bar – not live in one. That’s Merys problem. She will do anything for a 6 pack and some drugs. Hence her school nick names: Blowjob Berrigan, Meateater Mery, 3hole fun bag, Mery Go Round, Ladies in South Carolina, if your man is in Charleston or Goose Creek, chances are this one has tried to ride him at least once!


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