Meredith Vary — Saratoga, New York

Here lies Meredith Vary. Not only has she sold her body for pills and marijuana, but she has also slept with not only MY husband but the husbands and Bf’s of multiple women in the Schenectady/saratoga/Albany area. She was fired from her job at a nursing home in Saratoga Springs for stealing pills and sleeping with the supervisors husband(shocker) She had been arrested numerous times for solicitation and drunk driving and is known for sleeping with Dj’s and bouncers for free admission. She has a 12 year old son who she has abused and locked in the room so she can go to the club and she lies to the child and tells him his dad is dead. She is a horrible person and any man who dates her not only should get checked but will most likely regret it.


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