Meghan Moran — Elbridge, New York

This is my ex wife Meghan Moran and the reason she is my ex is because she has made a game out of going after married men and trying to get them to leave their spouses or at least cheat on them. She once told me she finds it exciting to see how far she can take it. This is why we are divorced she was doing this while we were married and I just found out she’s back to her old games targeting the men she works with. Sends them nude photos, gives them a sob story about our divorce and worms her way in. Be warned everyone she will play you, ruin your life and smile while she walks away and does it again to someone else. For the sake of the families she has already destroyed I hope she gets fired from Exelon so these men and what’s left of their families can move on. Wish I could have warned you all sooner. Good luck. By the way we have 2 kids together.


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