Megan Marie – California

Today is the day Iam free from all other emotions that otherwise she held me by . I have no idea what the hell i was thinking when i thought I could try and make it work with her . I guess you can call it hope. i believe that is the most f***** up emotion to have cause your basiclly just hopping that the person wont play you again and when they do your praying that she didnt do what you think she has done to you yet again then when the s*** starts snow balling your like I hope your its not going to hurt like the last time ….well iam kiving proof it doesnt . you just lose the remaining respect thatr you have for that person and you should not feel bad because if that person is continuing to f*** other people behind your back and you catch them and they still deny it thats when your the idiot. which in my case im 100% guilty of .If anyone reads this that is just starting in a relationship with Megan Chapple here is some advise


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