Mark A Velarde – Arizona

Mark A Velarde of Glendale AZ. He also goes by the name Marcos. He frequents online dating sites such as POF, Match or Catholic Match. He will tell you how special you are, use you then after awhile he moves on to another victim. Drives an old clunker of a car and he likes driving women to Greer and Sedona. He comes across very nice and is really good with his words ladies. He will say everything you want to hear. Its not unlike him to have a few relationships going at the same time. He takes a little blue pill before bed, you know the one the old guys use. When he stops returning calls and texts he has a new lady friend on the hook and it means now he’s concentrating his time and energy on her. If this warning reaches you to late make sure you see your MD or local health dept for std testing.


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