Marieanna Muwald — Dallas, Georgia

Saying my husband and I had a very hard year would be putting it lightly. Anyways we did not live together for a couple months and both did some regretful things. We relaiazed that know matter what we loved each other and were going to work things out and stay together. Marieanna Muwald decided when she found out we were working things out that she was going to come up with a pregnancy lie and yes it was a lie. She was demanding money and blowing up his phone. Telling him all sorts of lies to go along with it and would never give proof. Long story short we told her were going to get the law involed because of her past history, we worried about the well being of the so called child. That finally sacred her into telling the truth and proving it. I don’t understand why she would lie about something like that and try to cause problems knowing that we are married and have kids. What kinda person does that?


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