Maria Herrera — Fargo, North Dakota

Maria Herrera is one of the biggest homewreckers in this area. She worked with my friend’s husband and was very much aware he was married and eventually snuck her into their marriage and she ended up being his side bitch. They continued there affair til he decided he no longer wanted to see her… he made it very clear to this desperate homewrecker it was over that he loved his wife and wasn’t going to lose his family because of her. This home wrecker had the audacity to continue chasing him, calling, sending text messages, and refused to except that he wanted nothing to do with her. This crazy b**** got to the point that she sent him a text message stating she needed to see him or else she would call his wife to let her know about the affair. He said NO and SHE CALLED HIS WIFE. This trash bag said she has her priorities in order… if she did she would have custody of her three children. She doesn’t even take care of her children. Maybe if she stopped chasing after married men and focused on them. This is not her first affair. She’s been responsible for several broken marriages in this area… I’m sure this won’t be her last because she can’t or doesn’t know how to keep a man. She’s so desprate to have a husband of her own but all they want from her is free sex until they get bored and run and she moves on to her next married man. Watch out Fargo!


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