Lorin Marie Baker — Gainesville, Georgia

Lorin Baker aka Lola, works at the Marietta branch of Karate Atlanta. She frequents swingers clubs and parties, she destroyed a family that had a child under 1 in it so she could “have” the mans money. She also has been sleeping and periodically living with Elijah Kafer (he works for KA too) while his wife (Cody Kafer) was out of town for horse shows. She posts on social media about how she hates kids, smokes weed and takes pills. She just was arrested for a DUI at the end of October 2017 and driving with an open bottle of alcohol in the vehicle on the interstate! She hoped the baby of the first man would die so she “wouldn’t have to deal with “it”.” She was also spotted being handed money from a man after being alone in a room with him at a sex party. She became so obsessed over the 1st man she tried to make herself into what his daughters mother looked like to get him to leave her. She’s mentally unstable, she mixes alcohol, anti depressants and anti anxiety meds on top of taking laxative pills, diuretics, prescription pain pills and weed. She sees nothing gross about dating a man whose almost 60 and calling him “daddy” and “Dad” during sex and in public she refers to herself as his “young daughter”. She tells these men if they try to leave her that she’s going to commit suicide. She was hospitalized because the first man called his daughters mother his wife and that made Lola flip out and take a bunch of prescription pills to over dose.


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