Lisa Fortunate, Scottsdale – Arizona

Matt smith is a 31 year old man that lives in his parents basement. He hasn’t worked a day in his life, no drivers license, and basically games and jerks off to porn all day. I met him on ps4 on his usernames abc3174, abc3175. We eventually became very close and he told me of his last relationship with another gamer that played under the name Trinitylake aka Lisa fortunato.. She had a boyfriend in real life but had video sex with Matt whenever he wasn’t around. She eventually told Matt that she was taking a trip to meet another ps4 player and have sex with him in real life. According to Matt he was heartbroken because he didn’t realize she was Intimate with other players. After he and I got together, she texted him saying she regretted her choice. He told me about it and laughed. I asked him what did he say and he said nothing, I didnt respond and have nothing to say to that who’re. The next day she texted again apologizing saying she was drunk. Fast forward 10 months later, and he persuaded me to start applying for jobs near him and move. Swearing he wanted more in his life. I start packing, and applying for jobs. After a month he started leaving skype early to go play with the guys on the new call of duty. After about a week I asked him who are you playing with, and he names all these guys. I knew something was up, so I logged onto his account and saw he was again playing with Trinitylake. I confronted him and he claimed he had no feelings for her, and barely talked to her. No explanation on why he didn’t mention her playing with him. So I asked what is going on with him and I, and responds I don’t know. My life is so easy, it’s too hard to make myself better, and why should I. Just like that, after everything he now spends all his time with her on Ps4. In a way I guess I’m lucky.


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