Lisa Atkinson — Jacksonville, Florida

Lisa Atkinson was friends with my fiancées mom, they are around the same age. When we broke up after our first child was born, they dated briefly (she openly admits it was strictly for the sex) we got back together around a year later and have dated ever since. They dated over 8 years ago. We now have a second child who is four years old. He was acting funny the last few days and I looked at his Facebook only to see their conversation about how him and I are together and her encouraging him to sneak away for the weekend with her on her boat. I guess after two failed marriages she needs to buy affection! He goes along with it. I didn’t even give them the chance to go any further. She can have him. Just want the world to know what a disgrace she is, she tries to carry herself as a sweet God loving woman and she’s nothing but a home wrecker! How can you in one sentence ask if we are together and he says yes we are and then turn around and ask for secret meetings because he’s the best lover you’ve ever had?? Sad excuse for a woman and a human being!!


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