Lindsey Fender Whitson — Burnsville, North Carolina

Lindsey pretends to be something she’s not. She is continually on the prowl for the next guy she can throw herself at. She has no regards for anyone that is married, friends, or coworkers. You name it and she’ll go after it. She even creates secret code numbers so she can safely talk to married men without the wife knowing. Then out of the other side of her mouth, she starts quoting scripture. It’s pretty sad she feels she has to sleep with any married man, but using God to defend herself is disgusting! For some reason, she thinks she’s God’s gift to men. She will try and get married men to meet her out for dates, and has been known to meet at the husband’s home when the wife is working. I don’t think she would like it if someone scr**** her husband in their bed or in her daughter’s bed. This girl shows no remorse for homes that she has tried to wreck. DISGUSTING!


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