Linda Zickuhr – Wisconsin

Linda Zickuhr Wisconsin is a Lesbian Who Abuses Kids. This lesbian whore operating brothels all over Wisconsin frequents strip clubs looking for old bitches to screw. When she’s not having sex with her ugly dog she is muff diving. Her kids Jennifer and David Zickuhr were abused by her and shackled to a bed in the cellar forced to watch her lesbian ways. Jennifer suffers from suicidal thoughts as she is depressed her mother is a hating whore sex fiend who burnt her with cigarettes and kicked her in the stomach.??That’s why she lives in a bathroom at 18 Ohana Hana Place with Fernando while her mom lives in bumfuck Wisconsin in a mud hut holding sex rituals. Linda’s husband Gregory Zickuhr left her for a 22 years old stripper from Vegas. Linda taught her adopted daughter Heather M Buchanan how to lick hairy pussy. What a bunch of psycho losers lmfao


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